The First 48: Killer On The Run

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Hi to everyone, I'm Elijah and I'm in love with this kind of movies Tenchi Muyou! Ryo-ohki Dubbing is this anime, you will watch it many many times in your life. There is a deep story behind this anime. After watching it several times on this website and countless times in cinema, I can say, you won't be disappointed. Tenchi Muyou! Ryo-ohki Dubbing wasn't made for people without with low IQ. I did not expected nothing from this anime before watching. If you rate this anime bad, you're wrong. Few words to this director - keep up the great work man! I was moved by this production and you will be moved too. Tenchi Muyou! Ryo-ohki Dubbing will stay for ever in hearts of many people, including me and you (I hope so).

Episode count: 4

Genre: Other

Country: United States

Views: 91